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I was so inspired by her. She had stronger conviction than I could ever dream of having.


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The beautifully rendered, poignant emotional journey that Leila undergoes often had me in tears.


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Lovingly recreates life in exotic Turkey, capturing the angst of young love bridging two very different cultures.

About the author

Amie O'Brien

I've always believed that story matters. Pouring over Jane Austen novels and living through the lens of an overconfident, beautiful, and desperate-to-be-corrected heroine was exactly the distraction that carried me through years of teenage captivity. My one and only sibling, a reckless brother, rocked the parental boat quite thoroughly. This left me distrusted, vehicle-less, and with a ten o’clock curfew right up until I met my own Mr. Darcy in college.

Perhaps that’s why I love the ultimate freedom of what I do now: traveling to some of the world’s most beautiful and often misunderstood places, humbled by sharing stories that represent women whose entrapment is far more genuine.